13 - a series by Liese Ricketts




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It has been wonderful to on a daily basis present Liese's photographic project. All 32 pictures are now also available for you to enjoy in the album view. I know that Liese has more pictures from this project and I hope to be able to show you a second round of 13 soon. - Mr Urbano

Artist Statement
The human face has infinite fascination for me. Although in life we observe a face, with its fugitive identity, momentarily, we are allowed through the photograph to scrutinize expression and gesture in a way normal human interaction does not allow. This series is titled 13, as I am photographing 13-year olds whom I teach. It is a series I have worked on for four years now and will continue until I retire, perhaps another 10 years. I would like to have 150-200 final images and produce a book of work as well as an exhibition.

I only photograph my students during the school day when we both have a moment free to relate to each other in the environment we share. “Why thirteen?” you may ask. Perhaps it is because thirteen was a magical time in my life. I was so excited to be a new teenager, an age group with cult-like status. I was happy to be at the top of the middle school heap. Everything seemed possible.

For over thirty years I have taught photography to students who are thirteen to eighteen years old. Each year I age; the faces of those before me remain young. I am amazed at the striking and radical change between 8th grade and freshman year. Each year I observe the changes that happen with their bodies, attitudes, and abilities. The freshness, openness, and translucency of my young students’ faces soon change to something else.

I do not know whether I am more photographer than teacher or more teacher than photographer. The line has blurred very comfortably.

Liese A Ricketts Chicago, 2009


br said…
your photos are important. at 13, the youth are more sophisticated and world-wise than most adults. it is an intermediate zone of knowing and being....innocence without naivete. I admire your work!!!