591 Exhibition - Emilian Chirila

Photos © Emilian Chirila

The exhibition has ended

A thought:

In most of my photographs I try to capture reality in not so common angles and circumstances. I try to present common and trite things that do not show any interest and that are most often ignored and passed by with indifference.

This gives a touch of abstract to my photographs. Always I loved black and white photography and every day I try to understand 'The Light'.
- Emilian Chirila

Emilian is introduced by Tatiana Bitir. A great show by another Romanian photographer adding much value to 591 Photography. Thank you. - Mr Urbano

Emilian Chirila

Born: 1958
Lives in: Brasov, Romania
Latest exhibition:Sibiu 2008 - a group exhibition
Inspiration (photographers):Josef Hoflehner, Rolfe Horn, Gerard Laurenceau,photography of the 1930s
Inspiration (other):ECM Records labels- www.ecmrecords.com
Film, digital or both:digital
Quote:'you cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus'- Mark Twain


Paolo Saccheri said…
your exhibition is very beautiful with great compositions and poetic images!
Rhonda Boocock said…
wonderful series!
jim rohan said…
So wonderful!
tatiana said…
Imi plac mult fotografiile tale minimale !