Paris Photo - three Iranian photographers

Paris Photo is a major photographic event held 19-22 November at Carrousel du Louvre. This year there will be a special focus on photographic work from the Arab countries and Iran. The project is curated by Catherine David.

I have chosen to present a selection by some of the Iranian photographers. They are all represented by Silk road, Tehran - a gallery entirely dedicated to photography.

Bahman Jalali
is regarded as the intellectual leader of the younger generation of Iranian photographers. His recent works “Images of Imagination” are made by superimposing photographs from different periods in the history of Iran

Gohar Dashti is a photographer of the younger generation dealing with the trauma and the memory of the Iran-Iraq war.

Katayoun Karami's work is about the status of women in Iran and the veil they are forced to wear from an early age.

I am looking forward to see more of their work. With special thanks to
Kiarash Ghavidel Firooz of the Silk Road Gallery, Tehran.
- Mr Urbano

Paris Photo
Silk Road Gallery, Tehran

Photos © Bahman Jalali (b. 1944)
From the series: Image of Imagination

Photos © Katayoun Karami (female b. 1967)
The last picture demonstrate how the pictures where exhibited at the Silk Road Gallery.

The Other Side

Far gone are the years when lullabies caressed my hair and the summer breeze could call it home… And suddenly everything went dark… And now the only brightness is the reflection of my own gray hair…


In Islam when a girl reaches to the age of 9, she has to cover her hair.

When I became 40, I sadly wonder that my hair turned to gray without having the chance of even sun shine ever touch them. So the decreasing of the black colour Saturation refers to this moment of my life.
So in this series all self portraits are double sided images with the front image veiling the back image of the female’s hair.

The reverse side of each image, which is always unseen and forgotten, is covered with a handmade black and white silver gelatin emulsion, so when the female’s hair is exposed it comes across as limps, wasted and useless. The contrast between the colored front portrait and the black & white hair image at the back, gives the viewer a glimpse of the two very different worlds, which are the reality and the mirage.
Katayoun Karami

Photos © Gohar Dashti (female b. 1980)
From the series: Today's life and war

Growing up in the war time has some disadvantages for my generation .it makes us to live in the fear the one day we might again get in to war .we are constantly living with war in Iran from the wall painting to TV program .They are all remaining us about the war time. The war becomes a part of our everyday life existence.

In this project I choose a young couple and put them in the background of the war. To present the closeness of our live in war as they live their live as the war going on.

- Gohar Dashti


tatiana said…
Waw...unique and good !
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all very impressive!!
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great work....especially that by Gohar Dashti. Living with war, images of war, anticipating war.
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bahman jalali is very special to me. thank you!