Buridda social center

Photo © Paolo Saccheri

Buridda is the name of a Ligurian traditional dish made with cephalopod molluscs (squid or cuttlefish...) cut in little pieces and vegetables.

The Buridda social center - based in an old University building in Genoa - hosts a good event: the "Critical Wine" that proposes every year little winemakers and natural products for growers.

The time spent there is fine, laid back like the people you may find, open, cheerful, curious. The rooms are full of people tasting good food and wine of all kinds, in the basement there are concerts of mixed styles: soul, reggae and rock, outside at night the garden is beautiful with dim light and yellow leaves on the small trees that let you talk with pleasure with your old and new friends.

In Buridda you may also find Officine Fotografiche, giving you the chance to learn/practice photography, shoot in a small studio, develop and print your b&w.

- Paolo Saccheri


Simona said…
very nice,
i like the second one a lot..