591 Exhibition - Zsófia Jámbor

The exhibition has ended

Zsófia calls her exhibition "Agains Gravity". My impression from seeing many of her pictures is a feeling of weightlessness, free fall, zero gravity. I regard her as an incredibly talented photographer and it will be interesting to follow her progress. - Mr Urbano

Zsófia Jámbor was born in 1987 and lives in Debrecen, Hungary. She is inspired by photographers like Henri-Cartier-Bresson, Martin Munkácsi, Alexandr Rodchenko, Imre Benkő. She also find inspiration in music and - thinking.

You will find more of her work on: www.flickr.com/photos/jamborzsofi


Rhonda Boocock said…
beautiful anti-gravity series!
Mikael said…
Like traveling in an endless universe!
Great exhibit!
vera fehér said…
gratulálok Zsófi! :)
Jámbor Zsófi said…
thank you! :)

köszi Vera :)