591 Exhibition - Mikael Johansson

The exhibition has ended

By trying to explore the notion of truth and how poses often are automatically built up as a defence against the camera, it is possible to find out a lot about people. It is interesting how we are active and passive within the photograph. How people choose to represent themselves and how they can be represented, objectively or subjectively. - Text and photos © Mikael Johansson

Mikael's portraits are all about colour and expression. He's got an interesting point in his artistic statement about how we automatically are trying to protect us
against the camera. I have some real favourite portraits in this series. - Mr Urbano

Born in 1987, I am a Swedish photographer with a passion for music, visual arts and fashion. Everything I do somehow seems to include these subjects. I love to work with creative people, develop new ideas and strong concepts. Create a contemporary outcome with my approach and to get an outlet for my creativity. I'm trying to get a reasonable education within photography, which seems to be going pretty well. I'm on the BA (HONS) Photography course at University of Cumbria, England.

Mikael Johansson on 591 (short cuts)
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Altnőder Emese said…
nice colour! :)
Anonymous said…
i like this! espacially the shots of veronica and olof. clean and interesting.
/simon johansson