591 Exhibition - Aaron Huey

Photos © Aaron Huey

The exhibition has ended

In an interview published by Lens, New York Times ( Behind the Scenes: Still Wounded, October 20, 2009 ) Aaron Huey tells James Estrin about his feelings when meeting the people of the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, USA: “It was emotionally devastating,” “I‘d call my wife late at night crying.”

I strongly recommend you to read the full interview. It gives an excellent insight in Aaron's way of working and an important background to his pictures from Pine Ridge.
Behind the Scenes: Still Wounded by James Estrin.

After seeing some of the pictures from Pine Ridge I sent Aaron an email and asked him if he wanted to exhibit a selection of his work in an online 591 Exhibition. He kindly accepted, but wanted a later date since he was leaving for a place "in the middle of nowhere". About a week ago I contacted him again and caught him packing for a trip to Tahiti.

This man has walked across the entire United States with his dog Cosmo. It took him 154 days and there was no media coverage. Recently he has been awarded a National Geographic Expedition Council Grant to hitchhike across Siberia. I guess you may call him an adventurer. I prefer to call him a photographer - he is also going to be a father very soon. Aaron Huey is a remarkable person and
photographer. I am proud to be able to show you the online exhibition "Pine Ridge". - Mr Urbano

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Rhonda Boocock said…
beautiful exhibition...very moving!
Ludvig Nordahl said…
br said…
a rare and brilliant exhibition. true, tough, and real. i am speechless.
tatiana said…
Very, very strong (and sad) documentary !
Thomas H said…
Very strong and important work!
Jurek Holzer said…
Amazing documentary!