Football - a love story

Photo © Jurek Holzer

John Giudetti is a young and talented Swedish football player already training with Manchester United at the age of 16. This reportage makes me (and Jurek) think of Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Malmö, Sweden who in just a few minutes will make his debut for FC Barcelona. A couple of exciting hours ahead for Mr Urbano and millions of others.


Rhonda Prince said…
a great series!!!
Mr Barcurbano said…
to be honest the game was not that exciting, but it was no big title at stake. I think Barça used 20 players in all - and Zlatan played second half. But soon: "La Liga"
Anonymous said…
That's not what I heard from other people!
Mr Zurbano said…
you should not listen to other people ;)
I can see how time flies
Pep was a disaster and Zlatan had to flee Catalunya to Milan. Now I am with PSG against Barcelona. Not very faithful to teams.