Philip Coggan

I have known Philip Coggan through his photographs for many years on photo sites and facebook. I invited him to share some of his photos with us today. He is from Australia but has spent a lot of time in Asia.  He says about himself, "I found my spiritual home in Asia, especially Southeast Asia. For a start, people in Asia don't mind if you take their photos - in Australia or America I could get arrested for taking photos in public. And then there's the otherness factor: Asia is just so fascinating, so full of things that are new to me. So even though I don't sell my photos, I enjoy taking them. My outlet is social media - Flickr and Facebook. Thanks to Rhonda and 591 for this chance to share."
Trash heap in Pnomh Penh, 2003

A puppet-master in small village near Hanoi

A cosmetic paste used by women and children - it is astringent and cooling

All photos by Philip Coggan