A family of Julias

"Our family is a family of Julias. My ancestors are originally from Europe but have been in Perú for several centuries; on the Spanish side, as far back as the Conquista.  Photography has only existed since 1829 but there were Julias in my lineage long before that. The first Julia ever photographed was Julia Selinger, my great great grandmother, the most recent, my granddaughter.

In Lima in October, 2016, I photographed in an abandoned 19th Century Quinta, a ruin, a place that in its day was exquisite. The spaces take me to a time of Julias I never knew but whom I carry within me.

Liese Ricketts

Chicago, 2017"

"Photography is the chicken soup of art; it cures all ills". I remember when Liese wrote that. She is right. Photography will persist and flourish as long as there are humans on our planet. 

Liese is a true good friend, yet another one of those I have never met in real life. But her photography speaks strongly to me. She is innovative and creative like another Julia. I am proud to have published several online exhibition and series by Liese Ricketts and I am looking forward to watch her work evolve. Thank you Liese.
Mr Urbano