Kimball - a coal company town

Kimball, West Virginia is a coal company town. It is very quiet. When coal is extracted by the very aggressive method of mountaintop removal, the forests are clear cut, and there is nothing to absorb heavy rains. 

Many houses in Kimball got flooded beyond repair years ago and people left. Linda comes every day to feed a family of stray dogs that lives in the abandoned apartment building.
Photo and text Mattias Lundblad

Artistic and meaningful documentary photography at its best. Thank you.
Mr Urbano

I have a feeling that Wallace Rollins has visited this town too. As you, dear readers of 591 know on Sundays ( and even Mondays CET ) this place is hosted by Rhonda Boocock, Paul Boocock and Wallace Rollins. So if you have something from this coal company town please publish.