Photographer of the Week: Örjan Fredriksson

From "Coming home" Kalvträsk

From "Erminia"

From "Portraits" Awa

From "Toy" Barcelona

From "Toy" Madrid

Örjan Fredriksson born in 1968 Living in the North of Sweden and started photographing at the age of eight years with an Instamatic camera that his mother bought him.

After the Instamatic introduction there was a quite long pause before taking up photography in the late 1980's at the age 19 buying a Practica SLR mostly taking photos out in the nature, then moving on to the music scene and starting to take more and more portraits during the years.


From "Coming home" Kalvträsk

All photos © Örjan Fredriksson


Rhonda Boocock said…
looking forward to this week...enjoyed today's photographs!
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