591 Spring Exhibition 2013 - Days go by - Reminder

“They (the days) come and go like
 muffled and veiled figures sent
 from a distant friendly party;
 but they say nothing,
 and if we do not use the gifts
 they bring, they carry them
 as silently away”   
                         ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The 2013 Spring Exhibition is about time and the days that come and go.   Each day leaves some sort of impression on us. 591 would like for you to send us your photos of how you see the passing of time in the different parts of the day.





You can submit a maximum of 3 pictures to each category. The pictures should be no more than 1000 pixels on the longest side and 72 dpi. Important - please write in your email what category your pictures should belong to. The address to submit to is: daysgoby591@gmail.com
Deadline for submissions is 3 March 2013

The Spring Exhibition will premiere on 1 April and it will be a permanent exhibition. We will select 30 pictures from each category - in total 120 images.