Alexander Ranchukov - a selection ( 1:2 )

Soviet way of life in the 1970's and 1980's

At the end of the 19th century a man called Donde, one of the first theorists of photography, noticed that the focus of photography always is aimed at a very short moment of time. He believed, this to be one of the most important characteristics of photography.

Many other photo historians and photographers disagreed with Donde at that time. The whole photo world was based on dynamics of space, not on the moment of time. But spectator's common sense always returns us to the postulate: photography reproduces and stops a small part of the time.

Ukrainian photographer Alexander Ranchukov is master of freezing time on prints. His series "Soviet way of life" has not only reproduced everyday Soviet life in the 1970's and 1980's. Here the postulate of stopping time matches the character of that period. Publicists called the age a "period of stagnation". It was the entire political system that stopped the time…

Alexander Ranchukov, born in 1943, Ukrainian documentary photographer. His interest to photography appeared when he was 25. He worked in Kiev Institute of Architecture History. In 80s he illustrated architecture books. Starting from 1995 - independent photographer. 

His album "There were the times" was published in 2008. 2010 - album "Kiev, 70s-80s" (together with A. Jakovlev) and book "Photography approaching". He is participant of many collective photo exhibitions. Personal exhibitions were in Ukraine, Germany and USA. His main themes are: social (street) photography, nature, architecture. Lives and works in Kiev.

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Thank you Anastasiia Zavalo for introducing this great photographer. You tell me he is your teacher. Outstanding work. - Mr Urbano


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