A Friend's home ( an ongoing project ) - Gyaista Sampurno

 The way to know about my friends, this is their stories, an ongoing project.
Grahito Handaru lives with his sister in Bandung, while his parents
stay in Jakarta. Grahito studies Law in Bandung, and rides a trail bike. 

"This house was planned as a villa whenever my parents are going
to Bandung"

Andre Triana Putra lives with his grandparents in Bandung. He loves 
drinking beer and light a firecracker inside his bedroom. 
"I love the smell of the gunpowder after the blast!"

Miftahuddin Nurdayat lives with his parents in Bandung. He's a graduate 
architect and still needs to find a job. He's excellent in making a sketch
as a note.
Krisna Ncis Satmoko lives in a house with his wife and son, next to his 
mother's house. Ncis works as a professional photographer. His wife 
loves cats so much, so he has to deal with it.
Photos © Gyaista Sampurno