Jeruk Naranja Apelsin Orange

Let's have some days here on 591 dedicated to my favourite fruit - the orange. Please flood me with pictures - and even better, tell me the price per kilo in your town, city. My address is in the contact page (right column: About 591)
Mr Urbano aka Ulf Fågelhammar
Picture taken in Mercat Central, Valencia February 2013

This is the not so very official orange index based on observations by friends of 591

Oranges per kilo (Euro €)
1. Central Paris - 5:50 - Emilie says
2. ICA in the valley, Stockholm 3:50 - Mr Urbano says
3. Berlin 2:50  - Jan says
4. matdax, hökis 1:15 Mr Urbano says
5. Jakarta, Indonesia 0,80 - Mikael says
6. Valencia, Mercat Central 0,75 - Mr Urbano says