förnimmelser (sensations, impressions) - Lasse Mellberg

These pictures of the dried aging flowers were taken in December 2004 a month after my 50 years birthday, I was using Nikon D 1 with 55 mm macro lens in my studio. Flowers are aging like myself, beautiful and charming like poems...

Lasse Mellberg
Born(year): 1954
Lives in: Biskops Arnö Sweden
Latest exhibition: here and there not so big exhibitions nowadays
Coming, planned exhibition:  surprise
Inspiration (photographers): for the moment Julia Margaret Cameron, Edward Steichen and as always Sune Jonsson
Inspiration (other): Books, movies and people I meet

Photo © Lasse Mellberg


Jan Bernhardtz said…
Sad, yet beautiful.
affe said…
Livets förgänglighet varsamt fångat i dina fina bilder, poesi.