Power Big Meet

Power Big Meet, or Power Meet for short, is an annual carnival of classic cars in Västerås, Sweden. It's actually the biggest car show in the world focused on classic American cars. Over three days in July this year almost 20,000 cars and many times more people invaded the city. It's a festival without comparison and the city residents take to the streets to enjoy the cars and all the activities.

Even though I was born in Västerås and lived here for about twenty years before leaving for college this was my first Power Meet. After having spent almost 15 years outside of Sweden, taking part in Power Meet was a strong personal journey for me, both photographically and personally.

Magnus Nystedt
Born(year): 1971
Lives in: Västerås, Sweden
Inspiration (photographers): André Kertész, William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, Martin Parr
Website: www.vasterasbilder.se