591 Exhibition: Russia - a part of my life - Malin Jochumsen

Russia has been a part of my life for as long as I  can remember, at least that is how it feels like. As much as she fills me with happiness and joy, a sense of belonging and oddly enough a sense of self, she also knows how to push me to my limits. She is stubborn and frustrating at times and she refuses to bend even though the changes she has gone through over the years are enormous.

I love the frostbites she gives me in the winter and the stifling heat during the summer, the smell of the wet leaves in the fall, New Years eve and the celebrations of Victory day on May 9th. I cannot imagine a life without her.

I think Russia made me a better person, she certainly gave me perspective and opened my eyes and senses. It is impossible to feel indifferent to mother Russia and is that not a great gift in itself, to not feel indifferent?

Text and photos © Malin Jochumsen