Focus on Light - Håkan Strand exhibits in Oklahoma city

Visions In The Paseo Art Gallery's feature exhibit “Focus on Light” for October, 2012, is all Black and White, limited edition, all film, photography by Håkan Strand. One of his favorite subjects is the Faroe Islands, an island group situated between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, approximately halfway between Scotland and Iceland.

When asked which aspects of photography he finds challenging, Håkan Strand says; "The hunt for the perfect light is the greatest challenge, especially when you work with long exposures. It’s quite easy to overexpose some parts of the negative. 

My goal, when it comes to light, is to have relatively large differences in the strength and quality of the light, but not so much that any part of the negative becomes overexposed. That is easier said than done. However, practice, hard work and determination give you a greater possibility of succeeding. I often go back to the same place and photograph the same scene in different light conditions, until I’m happy with the result."

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br said…
great, beautiful photos of light!!!!