Photographer of the Week: Henrik Isaksson Garnell

Dear 591 PHOTOGRAPHY and Ulf !

This is going to be my first written news directly from me. I don't blog in text with exception of the suggested titles for the pictures.

There has been a creatively rough period, I haven't been able to produce any series since December 2010 (started to have some mental problems and/or increased since 2009). Diagnosed bipolar. In the middle of everything I even got hospitalized between two solo exhibitions that took place in Istanbul and Berlin.

It took some time getting the right balance of the medicine. So in January, February (2012) feeling better, I produced again. Starting small with some of the ideas that I had before the depression.

With the new energy I made plans to renovate two on-site construction offices, that are in my lot. Painting the inside of one black and another white. Filling them with my greatest inspiration, music and keeping my materials outside and some in cabinets.

 Having my livingroom as a workspace often led to chaos.

My work has been exhibited at SCOPE in Basel, Switzerland, S P -ARTE Sao Paolo Brazil and the photo festival NOORDERLICHT ( Netherlands) and now with the exhibition: SWE NEW Pingyao International Photography Festival ( PIP ) in China.  Curated by Misha Pedan and Nina Grundemark.

I'm now in production refining and sharpening my tools. I'll post test pictures and works on their way - even things in my retouch pipeline.

Follow the progress on my blog. 
All the best!  // Henrik 


mrurbano said…
one of the most talented and original photographers in Sweden
Vale said…
Wow! very original, love it!
br said…
great work and an inspiring story!!!