Photographer of the Week - Megan Thayer

When I'm out photographing I'm constantly confronted with the ever changing landscape of Detroit.  I try not to fall into any cliches when doing the work.  There is a plethora of imagery that solely focuses on the ruins and decay of the area.  

I look for places that show the evidence that people are still inhabiting these spaces. There is both comedy and tragedy and I search for the somewhere in between.  I also like to include my family in the work.  I strive for the work to be personal.  These are the people and places of my life and I want to use my camera to explore and discover new meanings.  My biggest influences are Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Sally Mann, and Alec Soth.

Someday I will get my act together and find the proper resources to create my work. I hope to have a fully operating color darkroom in my basement by the end of the year. 
- Megan Thayer


mrurbano said…
Great Megan I am a fan
br said…
your project and goals are to be respected!!!