Public Space Days - The Album

Please enjoy Walter Neiger's selection from the great Public Space Days that for almost a month broadened our vision and convinced us about the importance of public spaces. 

In an essay about Tahrir Square Mohamed Elshahed describes the power of a true public space; "a place where citizens meet, mingle, promenade, gather, protest, perform and share ideas; it understood that a true midan — Arabic for public square — is a physical manifestation of democracy."


Rhonda Boocock said…
Excellent album and exhibition. Thanks to Walter and all the photographers!
Mikael said…
Nice collection!!
Fritsch said…
Thanks Walter for putting up such a great month. It will take further months to see all these great photographs.

Glad you made it able to get there, be there & return to there.

All the best & safe travels,
Martina said…
Walter, you did a wonderful and thoughtful arrangement of the photographies - browsing through the album is like reading the world's public spaces' story. Have a nice weekend!