Lóránt Fülöp - Back in time…

I live in a small village, named Agyagfalva, in Transylvania with my family. I fall in love with light a couple of years ago. Discovering light - that's what attracts me a lot these days. For this reason, I travelled back in time, as far as the "kingdom" of pin-hole camera, that I use with pleasure in backlight. My other true love is black and white film, the wide (120) one, that I use in an old 6X6 camera, Seagull. These technical procedures encourages patience in me, which is stolen by digital technologies. But to be true, I love the digital world as well. When I enter the dark room, I not only get los in darkness, but a whole new world appears around me.

To go back in time and relive the possibilities given by the analogue technique,is for a photographer the perfect fulfillment .  Please take a look at Lóránt's excellent work and enjoy the game of light and the moods.

© Lóránt Fülöp


light is life.
great pictures!
thank you for showing them!
mrurbano said…
Many thanks Lóránt and Anita
this is beautiful work
I am impressed by what you have achieved with the pinhole