Peter Agron - a selection

Peter Agron
Born: 1948, St Petersburg, Russia
Lives: Brooklyn, USA
Latest Exhibit: School at the International Center of Photography, New York
Coming exhibit: Soho Photo Gallery, New York. June 7-­‐July 2, 2011
Inspiration: Stieglitz, Kertesz, Rodchenko, Leiter
Inspiration other: New York City
Film: film
Quotes: “All art is quite useless” Oscar Wilde

I like Peter Agron's pictures, they feel familiar, like good friends. Thanks for this fine contribution. - Mr Urbano


Walter Neiger said…
Bravo, an excellent collection.
Johan said…
Men du milde tid, det här måste undersökas närmare! Tack för tipset!
br said…
excellent work!! a great eye for interesting composition!
kkuntze said…
light and shadow
as a hommage to life.
Mikael said…
Rhonda said…
An excellent series of pictures!
Paul said…
beautiful work!
PC Brandt said…
new modern day classics, shot like the masters of the past.