reconnecting with Amy Touchette

For those of you who have followed 591 Photography through the years it will not come as a surprise that I highly appreciate the work of Amy Touchette. Please explore what has been published here, beginning with the series "Black Betty Portraits" first seen on 591 Photography in November 2010: 
"A small, dark, neighborhood club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Black Betty was the heart of the local music scene. This is a selection of photographs, which were taken inside the club a couple of weeks before it closed in June 2009."

"The Insiders" is another series by Amy. She says: 

"The Insiders are portraits of strangers I passed by while walking around New York City. In New York City, there is no one who doesn’t belong; even the most extreme individual is expected to be here. As a result, friends and foes don't necessarily wear the expected uniforms, and all individuals hold a potential for connection. It is insider information."

The selected pictures from various projects by Amy Touchette were mostly made by medium format film cameras ( eg Rolleiflex) To me it is not important to know about the technique a photographer uses in pictures that are shown here. This is the Internet. 

But as you know dear readers I am a bit old fashioned when it comes to prints. I can't help being especially fond of dark room prints on a Baryta-Coated fiber blah.. blah..blah.. paper.

Photo Amy Touchette from "Street Dailies"

Now I am sticking my nose out and you are free to punch it.

So what's Amy got to do with this. Listen to her: "A few years ago, I started making candid street photographs with my phone and posting them here(Instagram) daily. What started as a way for me to photograph the streets in a more candid and spontaneous manner than my medium-format street work has blossomed into a project far more profound than what I initially imagined it could be."

I absolutely love what Amy is doing with her phone, and so many of you out there. So apart from celebrating her "Street Dailies" I will be bold enough to invite you to a subject called "Phone Pictures". And believe me, this will probably be the only subject based on "How" a picture was taken.

So let's get on with this great series by Amy called "Street Dailies"

The picture above by Amy makes me think of Helene Levitt, photographer of everyday life in New York and one of my heroines. Watch Helene Levitt's pictures on this excellent site.

I am sure you can't get enough of Amy's Dailies to be found here 

A pleasure to reconnect with you Amy. Thank you.
Mr Urbano