Photographer Sara Zanella

I am glad to present another fine photographer today. Sara Zanella.

"My goal is building a record of humanity in a poetic and direct way." This is a grand statement and she lives up to it - paying tribute to and upholding the art of Photography. Naturally there are influences to be seen in her work; she mentions Araki, Moriyama, Strömholm among others.

Sara has a special relation to Scandinavia as she attented "Nordic Photography" a school of photography in Denmark as a young student. It was just the right place to be for her, she says. Sara was looking for "a personal, deep and existential approach to photography, a human research rather than conceptual, abstract or journalistic photographs". She also happened to fall in love in Copenhagen.

The pictures you can watch here are all from her project "The Way Home, Russia". She lived for two months in Moscow and travelled by train to the Arctic Ocean.

Along the way Sara stopped in different towns "where I found hospitality by locals which I could contact and arrange with all of them through social networks. Discovering this side of a first virtual contact surprised me for the power of communication and connection that we potentially have wherever we are." 

After Russia Sara went to USA on her photographic mission and right now she is in Mexico. It has been a privilege to get to know Sara through her photography. You should definitely go to her website to find out more.
Mr Urbano