Memories and dreams

This is a screenshot from a short video filmed by my eldest daughter. It was actually just a test. When the video stopped there was still image that I found so beautiful.

My idea about our memories is that they are still pictures. On the other hand when you remember a dream it is often like a film sequence. I don't know if this holds up to science, but it seems to be the case.

I have tried to remember Frida using my memory as a film camera. I can do it in theory, but it always ends up with a still picture.

The little girl in this picture had great expectations and illusions about her life. She was passionate, intelligent and fun to be with. She was my daughter who passed away in March this year at the age of 28. The world is constantly changing and sometimes there are painful eruptions in the flow of time. I am glad that she had her best moments with her family. She will always be close to me.



Rhonda Boocock said…
Her face, such excitement and passion. Love it!