NSK, Long distance call

591 Photography is most of all about Pictures, but it is always a good thing to learn facts about the world we live in as well. 

I knew very little about Novosibirsk for instance. Now I know a little bit more about the third largest city in Russia with about 1,5 million inhabitants. Warm summers but chilling cold winters down to - 35C and lots of snow.

Yanina has made a photo book about her city too called NSK. 

To be fair the pictures on show here are perhaps not all from NSK, but they are Phone pictures (remember our subject?)

Yanina writes: 
"I started to take pictures on the mobile to save some funny or important moments of my life, and use my smartphone as a photo diary. But soon I realised that "Mobilography" has important features and expands creative possibilities. This is spontaneity, the absence of any framework, the opportunity to take a picture almost in every situation, while remaining the unnoticed observer. 

I do not limit myself to the scope of the genre or the strict demands to the content of the photos. I put in the first place acuteness in the perception of reality."

Watch more of her pictures on Insta

I am too old fashioned to use Instagram but it seems to be a fun place.
Mr Urbano