Photo Jan Bernhardtz

A very fine picture. I have investigated a bit...Rathenow is a small city just 70 km west of Berlin. During the GDR ( East Germany ) period it was the place where they manufactured all the glasses of GDR. So optics is a key word here. 

When Jan makes these pictures of deserted places it makes me think of how to define "abandoned". I guess it is a place where people used to stay, but at some point they left. It could have been the house they lived in, a factory, a place for leisure etc. As time passed it turned out that nobody was willing to restore the place or even tear it down. So there it is, holding its secrets for photographers like Jan to explore. 

Some abandoned places have been declared memorials or monuments, but I guess it is not the same thing that we are looking for here. Yes, this is yet another selected subject.
Mr Urbano