Graciela Iturbide and Christer Strömholm on show in Stockholm

Photo Graciela Iturbide

Photo Christer Strömholm

It is an excellent idea to put these two photographers on show together. Both of them have received the Hasselblad Award, Strömholm in 1997 and Iturbide in 2008. They are also two of my favourite photographers so I had to go and see the exhibition located at Mindepartementet, Skeppsholmen. It is a very nice place, free entrance to the exhibition and there is a cosy café too.

Last time I saw Christer Strömholm was at Fotografiska, a place I do not attend too often. But in this case I knew that Christer's son Joakim was involved and yes it was a fine exhibition. I wrote a piece about it here.

In June 2008 we published an interview on The F Blog with Graciela Iturbide, still worth reading

Photo Christer Strömholm

"Christer Strömholm’s groundbreaking photobook Poste Restante (Norstedts, 1967) has been out of print for decades and is highly sought-after by collectors. For the first time, Poste Restante will now be presented as a site-specific exhibition. This exhibition marks the launch of the reprint of Poste Restante (Strömholm Estate/Art and Theory Publishing)."

Quoted from text provided by Mindepartementet ( it is also on show on the wall in English and Swedish )

Photo Graciela Iturbide

"Central to the exhibition is the suite of images entitled Frida’s Bathroom. In 2005, the bathroom in the artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s home Casa Azul in Coyoacán was opened for the first time since her death fifty-one years previously. 

Graciela Iturbide was invited to photograph the room and the objects that Frida Kahlo surrounded herself with. The images of the things that she needed to cope in her daily life give expression to the pain that was the Mexican artist’s constant companion and that is also powerfully present in her work."
- also from the text on the wall

Yes these pictures from Frida's home are almost breaking your heart, so intense and with great compassion.

I hope this little teaser will inspire you to go and visit the exhibition, located in one of Stockholms most beautiful areas.
Mr Urbano