Photographer of the Week: Knut-Inge Johnsen

Knut-Inge Johnsen works as a teacher at a Norwegian folk-highschool in Bergen, Norway, where his main-subjects are photography, psychology and music.  He says: "To take photographs is a way of breathing - in some way I have to do it anywhere and anytime. Most of all I  want  to capture those powerful, timeless moments that supply meaning and direction to life - and make us wonder..." ,  

Knut-Inge works with film - always carrying with him one of his old Rolleiflex TLR or Leica M6. For studio-works he also uses a Hasselblad CM. He makes his own prints in a traditional darkroom.

I have been been given the opportunity by Knut-Inge to "curate" and select images that he has sent me. His work is impressive and range from places like Berlin, China, London, Japan and Norway of course. It will not be easy to group the pictures for the daily presentations during the week. But I have decided to give it a try without using the "geographical" method. Thank you Knut-Inge!
- Mr Urbano

Photos© Knut-Inge Johnsen