97 haiku poems - Goro Bertz

Tokyo, 2012/2013

These pictures are not related to any specific location or city. Each image in this series is in a form of a haiku poem - free from any kind of intellectual interpretation. 

The seasons are present and the year that passes, starting with winter and ending up in late autumn. I have concluded 97 haikus right now, but the number increases with each passing day.

In these images I want to reach back to something very simple and natural. Trying to tell it as pure as possible. 
- Goro Bertz

Hokkaido 2008
Tokyo 2009
Kansai 2012
Tokyo 2013
Atami 2011
Tokyo 2012
Fukuoka 2010
Kofu 2012
Kanazawa 2011
Saitama 2009
Iberaki 2008
Iberaki 2008
Tokyo 2012
Tokyo 2007

All photos © Goro Bertz


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Great stuff!