Photographer of the Week: Jennifer Henriksen

When using a Holga, or other toy camera, you are stripped down to the bare essentials. You, and a piece of plastic. No technicalities, fancy setups, or photoshop. It's just you and the film. One of my favourite quotes is: "Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess." (Oscar Wilde) I believe that experimenting and pushing the boundaries is the only way to grow and truly experience photography.

My tools and materials of choice, consisting of film paired with a simple plastic Holga camera, allow me to strip away the technical details and get to the ‘heart’ of the matter – the emotions and personal identity that I desire to explore. The images are thus imperfect, something that we can all relate to.

Jennifer Henriksen is a fine art photographer based in London, Ontario, Canada. She uses film based vintage and toy cameras, focusing mostly on the Holga camera as her main tool. 

Jennifer is a self taught photographer who started her work in early 2005. Her work varies between nature, urban and portrait photography. Her self portrait project has been featured on many websites and blogs, as well as one image which was selected to be one of the 50 displayed at the Krappy Kamera show in New York at the Soho Photo Gallery in 2009. 

In her self portrait work, Jennifer expresses her deepest emotions and dreams by striving to create unique perceptions of her inner self. A lot of her images are created by experimenting with techniques, such as long exposures, motion blur, film grain and other in camera manipulations. 

Jennifer Henriksen 
London, Ontario, Canada 


Anonymous said…
very interesting!! lots of room to experiment