The Disappearance of Darkness

A book about a world that's no more. Nothing better for a New Years Day.

Canadian photographer Robert Burley was documenting the industrial infrastructure that used to supply analog photography when the world faced the revolutionary Digital Age. At that time the global community of photography quickly abandoned film cameras and began to create (and share) photographs using digital devices. "Companies such as Kodak and Polaroid were reduced to shadows of their former selves, or worse, as they attempted to adapt." Hence, Robert Burley moved around the world with a 4×5 camera and took record of the disappearing film industry.
This video is about a book that reports about his travels around the world. More about Burley's enterprise on his personal Blog.

Enjoy and ... Ooops! I forgot ... 
Happy New Year!
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Andrea Ingram said…
I think he is over-cooking the reality. There's plenty of film out there - though less so in colour 4x5.

Happy New YEar
Paolo Saccheri said…
I think this book is a very nice one, to have and to read from time to time.
mrurbano said…
film is not dead