Judit Nyíri - a selection

"As far as I remember I have been interested in photography from early childhood. My uncle had a Russian FED that I used to carry with me on school trips (even though it was rather heavy for a kid), and took pictures of schoolmates and events.

Later on, always by using borrowed cameras, I mostly photographed my kids for the family album. I also loved to take pictures of city sights, and most interestingly, I was very scrupulous to wait until each and every person left the scene so that I could create a completely "sterile" image.

I acquired my first own camera, a digital one, only in 2002, and it was love at first sight... Since then, I have worked with several makes and types. But still insist on the Nikon Coolpix 5700 - wearing off the third piece - using which I took most of my images.

The cam is always with me and it has become a part of my life. It has helped me to observe the world with more curiosity, taught me to seek for and look behind the reality of human actions and still lives. I hope that I am able to use photography as an effective tool to translate the obscure world for myself and all fellow humans."

- Judit Nyíri

Photo © Judit Nyíri 


kwarkito said…
Nice work... I love these pictures
balazs said…
Congrats, great work!