Photographer of the Week: Diane Peterson

a guided tour...

Most often a look at my work is like stepping into an imaginary world made up of wooden "people". I live in a forest  away from a large population, so much of the time I have had to resort to "building" the people I want to photograph as part of this "made-up" existence.

I am an American photographer with a background in costume design and display and  I enjoy creating  scenes for my "people" in a way that leaves the viewer filling in the rest of the story, much like looking at a store front window and seeing a partial room or snippets of a dream.

My unique style and unconventional take on selective subjects  is reflected in the creation of photographic art using a variety of cameras, formats and lenses, allowing me to explore this incredible world that surrounds me.

My favorite images are those created using simple pinhole cameras reinvented from a variety of found or discarded candy tins, boxes, and otherwise unusable cameras. I also use toy and vintage cameras, along with large format. I am intriqued with tintype and wet plate, having just started to work in this medium.

I particularly like using photographic paper in my cameras to give an overall softer look. The wooden "People” are designed and created by Randy & Diane Peterson

Photos © Diane Peterson


Ekonomitrollet said…
Wonderful to see Dianes work here. A beautiful collection of images.

/Britt Aximon