Photographer of the Week - Robert Willson

Imagination, the mingling of roots and stars.

"I sent William ten images and asked him if he would write something for them. This what he saw, how he felt.

William Michaelian is a friend, a very good friend I have not yet met in person. His affection for life matches his deep concern for people. William’s writing touches people in ways of acceptance and grace in ways that I have not read."

- Robert Willson

To doubt the spirit in all surveyed, is to suffer our own as lame.

"Robert thinks of himself in the lowercase. If he could, he would be a haiku or a snowflake. And therein lies his great humanity."

Robert Willson:


-K- said…
I've never meant William either but I agree, he's a very perceptive and empathetic writer.
-K- said…
I also encourage people here to see all of Robert's photos as there is so much great black and white work.
*** said…
I love this.
JFM said…
Robert's black and white photos and William's writings have joined together the talents of two of the very best in the arts~~~

br said…
mythopolis said…
A nice collaboration of words and images!