591 Exhibition: Locked Away - Dimitri Pilalis

The photographs show some aspects in the area of public and private psychiatric care in Indonesia. All appear underfed, many are naked, the old mixed with the young. The youngest patient was 12 years old. This work was conducted during the months of January and February 2012, in the metropolitan area of the capital Jakarta. 
- Dimitri Pilalis

"More than 90 percent of Indonesia’s estimated 19 million mentally ill people have no access to medical treatment, the Ministry of Health said on Friday. Irmansyah, the director of mental health at the ministry, said Indonesia only had 48 mental hospitals with a capacity of 7,700 beds. 

He said that according to World Health Organization guidelines, Indonesia should have at least 80,000 beds to help cope with the estimated 1 million people suffering severe mental illness."

The Jakarta Globe September 30, 2011

WATCH the exhibition ( 34 pictures )

Dimitri, 25 years old, was born in Caxias do Sul, southern Brazil. His first pictures were made on the Amazon. His work is focused on social issues.
- The power of photography...Watching the horrifying living conditions of these men, women and children is hard. I admire the courage of Dimitri for taking these pictures from inside of a hell. I can only hope that a radical change will happen in how people with mental disorders are treated in Indonesia and in the rest of the world.
- Mr Urbano

Photos © Dimitri Pilalis


Anonymous said…
Mikael said…
Very Strong work!!! Its not human to treat people like this with chains etc...In Indonesia health is about having money, if you dont have money you dont get the care you need, when walking the streets in Jakarta I often meet people with mental diseases and its always the poor people that are affected worst by not having any place to go or help to get.
br said…
one of the most powerful photo series that I've seen in my life...the entire world should see these. Excellent, compassionate view of the horrendous situation of these people.
Anonymous said…
This man is a genius. Unbelievable.
Thank you guy for share.
Anonymous said…
who is Dimitri????
Anonymous said…
This is an excellent body of work. It speaks for itself.
Phil Decker said…
So powerful and disturbing. Count your blessings!
Jurek Holzer said…
If you've ever wondered whether there is hell on earth - this must be it.