A terrace at Sergels torg - Krister Kleréus

Louise Rikard Emma

A terrace at Sergels torg in Stockholm was the summer of 2012 a gathering place for young people who remained in town during the summer holidays. Like most people, I just threw a glance at them when I hurried up from the subway.

But one day I decided to go there, talk to them and maybe take some pictures. I met young people who were friendly, pleasant, talkative and did not mind that a 67-year-old man was hanging with them. So here are pictures of the young people at "Plattan" summer 2012.

Elle and Zacharias

Alexandra Tommy


Nelly Nea

A hug




Photos, text © Krister Kleréus


Simon Johansson said…
Great work, Krister!
Tiberio Fanti said…
Great fauna! :-)

Jokes apart: it's not easy to get in tune with people and get their true portraits. The way you managed to have some of their deep glance at you is a sign of mastership.
temporal rooms said…
beautiful young people.
wonderful portraits.

affe said…
Riktigt bra dessa nära bilder av ungdomarna på plattan tycker jag, närhet och kontakt som blivit Kristers signum, gillas mycket.