Photographer of the Week: Muir Vidler

© Muir Vidler, Israel, 2004

© Muir Vidler,  UK, 2001

© Muir Vidler UK, 2007

"The photos are part of a series called “Everything is True” which is a book project celebrating visual and cultural contradictions."
- Muir Vidler

Muir Vidler is great. I am happy to be able to present some of his work including the visually strong captures above. You will get a dose of Muir's pictures each day the coming week. - Mr Urbano

Muir was born in Edinburgh in 1975 and is now based in London where he shoots a mix of personal work that he exhibits and sells to collectors through galleries, and commissioned work for editorial and commercial clients.

Among his clients are New York Times Magazine, Time, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Sunday Times Magazine, Guardian Weekend Magazine.

Some exhibitions:

“Flight of Fancy”, Rove Gallery, London, UK
“Vice Photobook Exhibition”, LU, Nantes, France
“Verge Art Fair”, Miami, USA

“Everything is True”, Galerie Der Stadt de Backnang, Germany
“The Old Vic”, Rove Gallery, London
“Interim 3”, Jago Gallery, London
“Diversion”, Rove Gallery, London
“Form”, Olympia National Hall, London, UK


paulboo said…
What a great idea, love the results here and looking forward to seeing more.
frala said…
(Second try) These pictures can seriously damage your prejudices - great work and lots of fun!