"Join the movement"

Photo © Simon Johansson

I have a bit of a problem with this picture. It was the first photo I took that day and I had forgotten to change the camera settings from the night before. That's why the whites are so burnt out. But I kind of like it anyway, so here it is... /Simon


mrurbano said…
Quality doesn't mean deep blacks and whatever tonal range. That's not quality, that's a kind of quality. The pictures of Robert Frank might strike someone as being sloppy--the tone range isn't right and things like that--but they're far superior to the pictures of Ansel Adams with regard to quality, because the quality of Ansel Adams, if I may say so, is essentially the quality of a postcard. But the quality of Robert Frank is a quality that has something to do with what he's doing, what his mind is. It's not balancing out the sky to the sand and so forth. It's got to do with intention.

Elliott Erwitt
Tiberio Fanti said…
No problem. It works perfectly as well.
Simon Johansson said…
Well I was sloppy.