Photographer of the Week - Carina Hedlund

The pictures for this week are by Carina Hedlund presenting parts of her project - "Backstage, Live and Portraits"

She started to take concert photos when her daughters were teenagers. 

When her daughter Sanna went to concerts Carina accompanied her. The main reason was that Sanna needed assistance. She has a muscle disease and Carinas camera was a great "cover up". Other teenagers often believed that Carina worked for a newspaper as a photographer. 

Years later Sanna also started to photograph, recently even as a journalist. 

Today Carina goes to concerts as a photographer even without her daughters. 

The pictures selected for the week are of well known Swedish artists/groups starting with Tant Strul.

Photos © Carina Hedlund

... and a song found by Mr Urbano


Tiberio Fanti said…
Well, the kind of music this group plays could not be of my favorites but the pictures are very nice.