591 Exhibition : Urban explorations - Fabian Schreyer

I’m a German/Augsburg based photographer focusing almost exclusively on candid street photography. Roaming with the camera through the streets and tracing ‘the extraordinary in the ordinary’ turned out to be the best way to raise my own awareness for the hidden secrets of everyday life. 

What I occasionally bring home from my urban explorations are split seconds of the life’s of perfect strangers, who unconsciously create magic moments when feeling unobserved in public. 

The daily competition with the fugacity of our time results in contemporary documents depicting a kaleidoscope of tragic, amusing, sad or bizarre situations and human encounters. Along the way an anonymous and at the same time intimate visual diary comes into existence. This compilation of visual short stories collects deeply personal memories, places I’ve been to, people I’ve met and things I’ve seen in my life. 

To see more of my body of work, feel free to check out the following sites: 

Website: www.shootingcandid.com
500px: http://500px.com/shootingcandid  
Facebook: www.facebook.com/shootingcandid 

By Fabian Schreyer


br said…
great work and your photo sites are fantastic! you see with your camera what is there!! interesting, creative, and real!
Uwe said…
sehr gelungene fotos, die die bildwürdigkeit alltäglichster szenen vorführen. vor allem die schattenbilder gefallen mir besonders. da steht kurioses neben gedankenvollem, witziges neben anrührendem. eine wirklich überzeugende auswahl. gruß, uwe
Anonymous said…
@br & Uwe: Thanks for your kind words! Fabian