fade to black

Photo © Balazs Sprenc

Polaroid’s last product in their Dutch factory was an instant film with special features: the pictures are disappearing almost completely within a day, leaving nearly black images behind. Before all this happens, the pictures are changing continuously: the predominantly greenish shades turn brown first, then darken further until the pictures become almost black.

In my “Fade to Black” series I tried to draw a parallel between the disappearance of the polaroid images and the human aging process. 

The subjects of these pictures are elderly people who have the biggest part of their lives already behind. I used a scanner to document the disappearance of the polaroids and created 100-120 scans of each portrait in about one day. There were five pictures selected from each image sequence to represent the process.

See more: http://www.sprenc.com/fade-to-black/ 

Fade to Black from Balazs Sprenc on Vimeo.