A Special Day With Gerda Lelieveld: Cimitero di Staglieno - Outro (emotions)

Cimitero di Staglieno
Some years ago I found searching on the internet a photo of a statue that was on the Staglieno cemetery of Genova. 

I was so impressed by that image. I found information about the cemetery and a desire to go there and photograph the beautiful statues was born. It took another two years, but in June 2012 I could finally go.

On my blog you see the images I made on that trip.
A lot of pinhole images, analog photo's with an old Hasselblad and also polaroid images.
I've developed some of the images with Lith developer.
You can find information about that on my blog

All photos © Gerda Lelieveld


mrurbano said…
I has bee so great to watch your photos Gerda, a very special day! Your project is beautiful and deserves to be recognized! Thank you - hope there will be a book too!
Vale said…
beautifull all!!!
Tiberio Fanti said…
Once again, a wonderful "Special Day". Thank you 591.
Michael W said…
Very beautiful!
Jacqueline Walters said…
Gerda, such rich and evocative work full of so much beauty... When looking at this work, I hear music and the wonder of a different age... Congratulations !!!
Gerda Lelieveld said…
Thank you all for visiting my special day on 591. I'm very happy with all the nice comments.
Thomas said…
Hi Gerda,

fine images - do you want another tour through Staglieno? In these days there are plenty of flowers, taking pictures after the 1st of November is a good occasion.

All the best from Genoa,