591 Exhibition: Arbat and Andrew - Maxim Romensky

Over the past two years, every week I go to the same street of Kiev or Moscow (depending on where I am) and the photograph. People, things, pavement. These streets - Arbat and Andrew's Descent. The streets, the rocks that keep artists, musicians, street poets and romance. I will continue this series. I want to do an exhibition in which people see other people making a last effort Arbat and Andrew's magical. And there you go. And buy a strange stuffed toy with buttons for eyes. Doll or a bearded wizard. They bring happiness, tested.
- Maxim Romensky

Maxim Romensky graduated from the school of painting. He studied biology at the University of Kharkiv. Photographing the last twenty years.

Favorite type - street photography. Some series I'm shooting for a few years. I like to go back to familiar places and shoot them again and again. Any people, dogs, cats .... Rented houses and streets that are dying. Usually photographed on film, I'm curious what will happen as a result. Keep a distance, magic.

Photos and text © Maxim Romensky


br said…
great work and description of the places!!!
paulboo said…
Fabulous exhibition, the images give a great insight into those streets and the life of the occupants :)