one of the masters

Ingalill, Paris 1979 © Christer Strömholm
The Swedish master photographer Christer Strömholm passed away in January 2002. Just a few months later the exhibition On Verra Bien opened at Färgfabriken in Stockholm. I remember being there in the autumn and will never forget about it. Strömholms pictures touched me deeply...they hit me like a blow in the stomach.

I was aware of Strömholm prior to that, but had unlike many others not understood the greatness of this photographer. Learning more about On Verra Bien from the book, my gratitude went to Strömholm's sons Joakim and Jakob who made it happen.

Back at Fotografiska a few days ago, I was prepared for what was to come, but nevertheless experienced similar feelings like ten years ago. Watching Strömholms pictures is to me like listening to a concerto by Mozart, reading a poem by Neruda or a text by Strindberg - I will never get tired of it. It will always be important to me.
There are many things I would like to share with you dear readers about this maestro and I hope to publish some of it during the exhibition period.

- Ulf Fågelhammar (aka Mr Urbano)

The exhibition CHR. Christer Strömholm is on show at Fotografiska, Stockholm until 25 November 2012.
Christer Strömholm official website
If you are in New York the exhibition Les Amis de Place Blanche is on show until 2 September at International Center of Photography


br said…
"master" is right....fabulous photo work!!!!