Faux - Mikael Cedergren

This serie was quite experimental. I took one of my old UV filters, scratched it with a knife, taped it, dipped it in vaseline, burned it and a lot more. I went native on this poor filter. Then I set the shutter to quite slow since old cameras had that exact issue, just to get a bit of natural blur. My idea was that I wanted to bring in some analogue randomness in the photographs, and it seemed it worked.

This was completely experimental, but I did enjoy it. It made every photo very interesting for me to shoot. All shot in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ever since I was a kid I've been attracted to photography and visual arts. Merely a few years old I noticed I had my fathers talent and the visual arts came natural for me. I really wasn't that amazing at other stuff, and reading has always been a problem for me. But the visual part I came to love quickly. Drawing, painting, photography… all of them was appealing but later on the interest developed into photography in particular.

I do not care for the technology. I do not care for "tack sharp" images. I want feeling. I want to connect with the person I photograph, or feel small in the beauty of an immense landscape. I want to think and create new. I want to hear that shutter as it fiercely opens and closes, capturing just a mere millisecond of life in one frame. There is something special to me to see something beautiful and show it to others how I see it, or to capture a story in the blink of an eye and make it history.

So I'm not like many other photographers. I won't tell you which lens to buy really, nor how you should construct the image. If you ask me the best advice on taking a great portrait I'd say it's in connecting with the person. All forms of photography is about, in some way, to connect with the subject. It's about loving what you do - and I do.

Photos and text © Mikael Cedergren
Website: www.mikaelcedergren.com


Vale said…
nice atmosphere
Eleni said…
I completely agree with analog is better! Nice work!
br said…
great work and it is obvious that you love what you do!!!
Simon Johansson said…
Interesting! Pic with traffic light is super.
wonderful images & words!