lointain attirant - Yanina Boldyreva

I used pieces of plastic as the filter to create illusion of the landscape shipped in the sky. The people there got their state of harmony and peace. The idea of this project is the happiness is unattainable. it is possible to get it only by means of distortion of reality and depends on a point one stand on and on a distance observer looks.

Thanks to Paulina Dubchinskaya for the name lointain attirant which is translated as " a far attracting" and as "an attracting distance"

Yanina Boldyreva
Was born at 1986 in Novosibirsk, Russia
2003-2009 graduated to mural-artist
Since 2007 proffesional photographer and digital artist
Since 2009 performer of mural panting, producer and participant of the art-group LUDISTEN(wall`s men)
WEB: yaninaboldyreva.blogspot.se


Thanks, Yanina
simply wonderful!
Vale said…
beautiful images :)
br said…
very interesting and beautiful experiment
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